Car Park Safety Procedures

The parish car park is available to you on school days. If used safely, this is a great facility for you and your children.
If you are using the parish car park, it is your responsibility to follow these procedures, making it a safe place for all the children: your own and others.

(A) all times:

Enter the car park and follow the signs indicating the one way system (children will expect vehicles to follow this pattern).
Drive at 5 m.p.h.
Arrive early and reverse when parking (to maximise visibility when moving off).
Do not allow toddlers to wander / play in the car park.
Follow signs when leaving the car park.

(B) mornings:

Observe the procedures at (A) above.
There is one designated set-down area, located at the walkway to the school. Wait in line and let your child(ren) off in this area only. Otherwise park and walk your children to the school gate.

(C) evenings (2.00 & 3.00 p.m.):

Observe the procedures at (A) above.
There is no set-down in the evenings. Arrive early and park.

(D) general:

Do not park in the small car park directly in front of the Chapel.
The area at the school gate is designated for buses only. Do not park in this area.
Children whose parents collect them after 3.00 p.m. should wait in the playground.