Job Sharing Policy






Circulars 11/03 and 30/03 outline the conditions under which job sharing arrangements operate.

The Board of Management (BoM ) will also be guided by it’s own Leave of Absence Policy.




Permanent teachers with two years service in a permanent capacity in this school are eligible to apply for job sharing with the exclusion of the Principal, Home School Liaison teachers, Supply teachers and teachers on probation. However, a supply teacher may move temporarily from the Supply Scheme to job share.  A permanent teacher cannot job share with a temporary teacher. A teacher cannot job share while on secondment however, a teacher on approved leave of absence may apply to resume on a job sharing basis.


Guiding Principles


1.      The BoM is required to ensure that the welfare and educational needs of the pupils take precedence over all other considerations.

2.      The maximum number of teachers on approved leave in any school year will be at the discretion of the BoM and one of the matters to be considered is the number of staff on or and seeking leave at that time.

3.      Job sharing will not be considered for Junior Infants, Senior Infants and Sixth Class.

4.      Job sharing is subject to a fully qualified temporary teacher being secured.

5.      Job sharing may be approved for one school year only. Teachers must apply on an annual basis.

6.      The BoM reserves the right to terminate a job sharing arrangement if it is not operating in the best interest of the pupils

7.      There are two time sharing options : week on/week off or split week.

8.      The BoM will consider inter-school job sharing but reserves the right not to act as host school.

9.      Both teachers, along with the Principal, will host an information meeting for the parents/guardians of the relevant pupils.

10.  Both teachers will prepare a Plean Oibre for the year which must address the needs for continuity, agreed methodology, agreed approach to discipline and allocation of homework. The Plean should be given to the Principal not later than 20th June.

11.  Each teacher will prepare a weekly scheme of work

12.  Together the teachers will agree a weekly and daily timetable.

13.  A diary will be maintained in which records of progress and important events are noted.

14.  A Handover Meeting will be held on the last teaching day of the week in the classroom..

15.  Both teachers will prepare and sign the Cuntas Miosula.

16.  Both teachers will be present for any scheduled parent/teacher meetings, staff meetings, school planning meetings and inservice training.

17.  End of year pupil reports will be jointly prepared and signed by both teachers.

18.  Post holders who opt to retain their full allowance will attend all events relevant to their duties.  Post holders may agree to fulfil each others duties on alternate weeks .

19.  Break/Lunchtime supervision will be timetabled according to job sharing arrangement.


Ratified by the Board of Management on 25th March, 2009.