School Rules

Between children and adults, over 230 people spend the day here in Scoil an Linbh Íosa. Therefore, we need rules. We need these rules so that each of us may have a safe and peaceful day at school. Here are the things you should do during the course of the school day.

When you arrive, walk carefully towards the school playground. Before crossing look back to make sure there are no cars coming. Enter the school building through the back door.

(b) Bells

When the bell rings while you are in the playground, you should line up. When you arrive in your room, sit in your seat. When the bell rings while you’re in your classroom, line up as above only when your teacher tells you. Single lane – one-way traffic on the corridor.

(c) The Playground

While in the playground, stay on the tarmacadam all the time. Stay off the grass and the ‘Striped No-Go Area.’ If you have a problem speak to the teacher on yard duty. If you wish to go into the school building for any reason (e.g. toilet, feeling sick, etc.) you must get permission from the teacher. Please use the toilet before you go out to play. No running in the classroom at any time.
(d) Departure/Going Home

Walk down the corridor (single lane / one-way) when your teacher tells you. Be careful when you go out through the gates. Be very careful on your way to and in the car park. Also watch for the teachers’ cars. If you are waiting on a bus or your parents to collect you, stay in the playground behind the white line.